ironfit boxing training

Why is IronFit Boxing a Great Workout

If you are looking for a workout that is especially welcoming to beginners, but still gives you a complete workout that combines both cardio and strength training exercises. IronFit Boxing as opposed to any other type of workout is a great set of exercises for cross training for athletes of all shapes and sizes.

Boxing is a Strenuous Workout.

Boxing is a sport that helps to move athletes to the next level of fitness. It’s a fact that boxers can get a far superior workout than most traditional gym workouts. Why? A traditional step, cycling class even an elliptical machine, no matter how hard you exercise won’t be able to punch you in the face. It’s impossible. Boxers are believed to work much harder because during a sparring session your boxing partner is actively pushing you to up your intensity and is throwing punches with the same voracity in your direction. With IronFit you can do the same thing.

How is This Workout Different?

IronFit Boxing isn’t just a cardio exercise. With a boxing training exercise, you get to have the impact of both hitting and kicking a heavy punching bag that weighs close to 100 pounds. “Working the heavy bag”, as it’s called among boxing pros is great for toning and building muscle. The difference between traditional boxing training and IronFit boxing is that you not going to get hit. Instead in this boxing workout plan, you’re going to get fit. No. You’re going to get SUPERFIT!

IronFit Boxing

What Does an IronFit Class Look Like?

Generally speaking, the classes are for all levels, with expert trainers modifying workouts for all people, based on your individual skill level of course. One-hour IronFit Boxing classes are offered as well as a 75-minute boxing boot camp class that combines a boxing heavy bag routine with:

  • Weight training using free weights
  • Weight machines
  • Tractor tires
  • Jumping rope
  • Jump squats
  • Mountain climbers
  • … and much more!

During an IronFit Boxing class, a boxing ring is usually available for one-on-one guided boxing workouts putting direct punching into a trainer’s focus mitts, making sure that no one gets punched in the nose!

IronFit Boxing Provides the Tools Needed

If you are looking for that perfect workout that provides all of the tools that you need to both achieve and maintain a great level of fitness for people of all ages.

With high energy group fitness classes, one-on-one, high energy group fitness classes, personal training, and a dietary consultation, Iron Fit Boxing is a great way to both get and stay fit quick.