How to stop mindless eating
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How to Stop Mindless Eating

Mindless eating is when you are eating but you are not eating out of hunger, this is mindless eating. Eating mindlessly leads to fast weight gain, high blood pressure and more.  Here are a few steps on how to stop mindless nothing.

Smaller Packages

The size of your food packaging can make you eat mindlessly.

Considering smaller packages can help you reduce the number of calories you consume without even noticing.

Use Smaller Plates

People tend to eat all the food they serve themselves. By reducing the amount of food you serve yourself, you  can make a very big difference in how you eat.

An easy way to reduce portion sizes without noticing the change is to use smaller plates. Using big plates tends to make your food portions look small, encouraging you to serve yourself more food, which results in overeating.

Keep Some Foods Out of Sight

It is said that out of sight is out of mind. This applies very well to mindless eating. Seeing food pushes you to decide whether to eat it and increases the chances of you choosing to eat the food.

Make it a point to keep snacks out of sight to prevent you from eating them mindlessly, but you can keep healthy foods visible if hunger strikes.

Eat Slowly

Slow eaters tend to eat less, feel fuller and rate their meals as more pleasant than fast eaters. Slowing down your eating speed is an easy way to consume fewer calories and enjoy your meal more.

Dining Companions

Eating with just one other person can push you to eat more than when you eat alone. Imagine eating with a group of such, they can further increase the amount you eat. The good thing about when dining in groups, sit next to people who eat less or at a slower pace than you. This can help prevent overeating.

Beware of Health Foods

Unfortunately, foods labeled as healthy has the tendency to push some people to mindlessly overeat. Remember to pay close attention to the side items you choose.

Not all foods labeled as healthy are good for you. Focus on the foods ingredients rather than health claims. Also, avoid picking unhealthy sides to accompany your healthy meal.

 Maximize Food Volume

Eating large volumes of food tricks your brain into thinking you consumed more calories, helping decrease the likelihood of overeating and weight gain.

An easy way to add volume to your meals without increasing the calorie content is to pick high-fiber foods with a low calorie density, such as vegetables.

That’s because extra fiber and water add volume, which stretches your stomach helping you feel fuller. Fiber helps slow down the emptying rate of your stomach making you feel satisfied.

To maximize food volume is to fill at least half your plate with vegetables at each meal. High volume foods help you feel full and decrease food intake at the next meal. Eating fiber-rich foods is an easy way to do this.

When You Stop Mindless Eating, You’ll Lose Weight.

You may improve your overall health and even lose weight in a way that feels easy and can be maintained over the long term. When this is included as part of a structured weight loss program, it really works. Apply the above for around two months, which is the average time it takes to create a habit.