Wellness Coach

Tips for Working from Home from a Wellness Coach

A wellness coach is a certified coaching professionals who helps faculty and staff identify life challenges and make positive changes for health and well-being. Normally, a wellness coach meets in person, one-on-one with clients for about 30 minutes every week or every other week, a service that’s free to employees. A Good Wellness Coach In […]

manage postpartum depression
Mental Health

How to Manage Postpartum Depression Symptoms

Studies have shown that about one in seven women goes through the postpartum depression experience sometime after giving birth. With many women, this is their first experience with depression, and because of that, they have difficulty handling the situation. By causing a state of ongoing sadness in women, the condition of postpartum depression disrupts the mother-and-child […]

Strength training
Fitness Weight Loss

Popular Strength Training Weight Exercises for Weight Loss

Physical activity is a natural part of being human, and exercise is an essential part of being healthy. Below are strength training weight loss exercises. What you eat matters too although you don’t necessarily have to forego your favorite foods in order to lose weight. Especially if you do early morning weight training. Walking Walking […]

Woman standing on a scale
Fitness Weight Loss

Choose a Structured Weight Loss Program to Lose Weight

Losing weight can be very frustrating. With so many different types of diet plans and exercise regimes, knowing which one will work best for your unique body is a challenge. Structured weight loss programs, have a history of helping a large number of people trying to lose weight in a short but safe period of time. […]

Is CrossFit worth it
Fitness Weight Loss

Is CrossFit Worth It?

If you are looking for a high intensity exercise program that is worth the time and effort to help you lose weight quickly? Well, CrossFit is workout program that is comprised of constantly varied functional movements that are all performed at a high intensity. In general, every CrossFit workout is based on some sort of functional movements […]

bipolar disorder
Mental Health

Facts About Bipolar Disorder

Myth: Bipolar disorder can not be diagnosed as easily as physical illness. Fact: Bipolar disorder might be diagnosed similarly to physical illnesses. While there are no physical tests that can reveal the disorder, the diagnosis of bipolar illness is based on standard criteria. An accurate diagnosis of a bipolar illness is made by using the […]


Politics of the Caribbean

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The politics of the Caribbean are diverse for such a relatively small area. These systems can be related to their colonial history. The major political system is democracy, with many different party systems within many of the countries. Party systems are a variety of political parties combined together. These systems […]


How to Get Over an Old Relationship

The good news is however bad things look now, you will get over the person you had feelings for. Unfortunately, you can’t skip straight to the where things have become  with a new man without grieving your loss first. Bottling up your feelings will only delay your recovery. This is your perfect excuse to spend […]


What are the Different Relationship Types

Healthy relationships bring out the best in you and make you feel good about yourself. And the best romantic relationships are based around trust and mutuality. Be aware that everyone’s romantic relationship is a little different, and at the same time they are the same. If you are wondering, what are the different relationship types […]


World politics analysis

South Korean police were on high alert in Seoul on Tuesday to monitor protests by both critics and supporters of President Donald Trump as the U.S. leader arrived in the country amid concerns over North Korea’s nuclear threats. Surrounded by thousands of police officers and a tight perimeter created by buses, hundreds of anti-Trump protesters […]