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How to Find a Personal Trainer

Personal trainers can help people reach their health and fitness goals, or they could be big wastes of money. It’s tough to know whether or not you need a trainer’s expertise. And if you do, it’s even more difficult to pick the right one. There are many fitness centers that offer personal training for their […]

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How to Stop Hair Loss After Weight Loss Surgery

Hair loss can be a side effect of weight loss, and you are more likely to experience hair loss if you have had a gastric bypass surgery. It is not permanent and your hair will grow back. Shedding hair three to five months after weight-loss surgery is common and happens from losing weight rapidly, not […]

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Tips for Working from Home from a Wellness Coach

A wellness coach is a certified coaching professionals who helps faculty and staff identify life challenges and make positive changes for health and well-being. Normally, a wellness coach meets in person, one-on-one with clients for about 30 minutes every week or every other week, a service that’s free to employees. A Good Wellness Coach In […]